20 Street Art Pieces Interacting With The Environment

There’s something happening when street art meets nature. Here’s a bunch of creative artists who found the perfect spot to interact with the environment. Enjoy Läs mer

Add More Colors dig a well to support 7 families in Cambodia with clean water

80% of the population in Cambodia living in rural areas where there’s a poor access to clean water. We believe that we can make a difference. Since last year Add More Colors has had a representative in Cambodia and worked together with the Canadian charity organisation ‘Green Leaf Foundation’.

Green Leaf Foundation supports several projects in the villages surrounding Siem Reap including water purification, mobile education, schools and an orphanage. They are also the charitable arm of Green Leaf Boutique Hotel, situated in Siem Reap. All their profits goes to their foundation which makes them the the first non-profitable hotel in the world Läs mer

Incredible Street art in Malta by International Talents

Telmo Miel at Malta Street Art Festival 2013

Telmo Miel at Malta Street Art Festival 2013

Malta Street Art Festival 2013

Add More Colors introduced Maltas very first Street Art Festival and opened up a new scene. A 3km promenade in was transformed into a melting pot of art by artists as Sofles, David Walker, Shaka, Mr Dheo, Steve Locatelli, Smates, Pariz One, Kayo Natez, Hesk One and Brohemia Läs mer

20 Guerilla Marketing Campaigns You Must See

Guerrilla marketing is becoming more and more popular and is a great and cheap alternative to traditional marketing. It thrives on original thinking and creativity, where imagination and ingenuity beat out big budgets Läs mer

Daring Graffiti Artists Tag Mexico’s 131 Meter High Metlac Bridge

Don’t mess around when it comes to graffiti! These brave Mexican artists do not fear the heights of Metlac Bridge in Veracruz. The highest railroad bridge in North America with it’s 131 meter. These guys went so far, they even risked their lives to get their work seen from the other bridge Läs mer

Samarbetet mellan add more colors och green leaf foundation

Vi har haft ett bra år på Add More Colors och bestämde oss för att vi ville ge tillbaka. Sedan oktober 2016 har vi letat samarbetspartners med välgörande ändamål. Vår representant hittade, efter en månad av möten och research, Green Leaf Foundation som arbetar med att bygga skolor och barnhem. De är dotterbolag till Green Leaf Boutique som är världens första icke vinstdrivande hotell. All vinst går direkt till olika välgörenhetsprojekt inom Green Leaf Foundation.

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Unique artworks made with nails by David Foster

David Foster using only a hammer and thousands of nails to create these beautiful works. He varies the solidity and shading to create beautiful portraits.

Stötta din lokala konstnär på internationella konstnärsdagen

På internationella konstnärsdagen hyllar vi alla konstnärer som förvandlar och förgyller våra städer, husfasader, kontor och hem. Konst är en viktig del av vårt samhälle och kreativa ådra. Den lyser upp, värmer och får oss att tänka till.

Det är lätt att ta för givet att konstnärerna bara gör vår vardag vackrare, men kom ihåg att även dem måste betala sina räkningar, stötta din lokala konstnär!

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