Help us change and improve lives with street art

Add More Colors will donate 10% of all incoming jobs towards our charity project, powered by our partners Green Leaf Foundation. By purchasing our services or by direct donations you can support and get involved. We provide a transparent possibility for you to see first hand how your money makes a difference and where they are going. Read more under “What do you get” and “How can you help”

Help us to spread art, smiles and hope together with Green Leaf Foundation!


Green Leaf Foundation

Green Leaf Foundation is the charitable arm of The Canadian owned Green Leaf Boutique Hotel, situated in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
They are the first non-profit hotel in the world with funds & resources going towards their foundation.

green leaf boutique hotel


Where do they help?

Green Leaf Foundation are supporting several project including water purification, mobile education, recycling, schools and an orphanage. Children at the orphanage range in ages between newborns up until 18 years old. The orphanage also supports poor children from the community who come there every day for free classes, to eat and play.

Their schools are scattered in 3 communities around Siem reap where children can get free education and take extra courses which the public schools do not offer

Green Leaf offers the children:

– Free education
– Medical care
– Nutrition
– Clean drinking water
– Security (cameras to observe teachers and caretakers)
– Full background checks on volunteer teachers
– Field trips



How do we collaborate?

Add More Colors has had a representative on site since early October 2016 to monitor and insure the charity organization we chosen is honest, transparent and efficient. We are happy to announce our chosen partners and exited about our upcoming collaboration. AMC will continue to have a person on site with regular reports and updates in our blog, so that you can see first hand how we change lifes with you donations.


How can you help?

All customers of Add More Colors will without added costs be part of supporting these projects as we will donate 10% of all incoming jobs towards our 2 selected projects: The School and the orphanage. If you are a customer or are thinking of becoming one, thank you!

If you´re not a customer you can still support by direct donations. Please remember to mark your donation “Add More Colors” so we can keep track, follow up and show you where your money are going.




What do you get?

Every donator will receive a video from Add More Colors showing the project you are supporting followed by a personal greeting from people in the area.


Send your donation today!