About Add More Colors…

Add More Colors is an International Street Art Agency who are representing over 50 of the most prominent street artist in Europe. Though our main focus is commissioned wall paintings, we are also working with events, digital art, 3D and 2D pavement artwork, workshops installations and sculptures.

Add More Colors consist of 8 people in 4 different countries including an art director, graphic designers, event coordinators, country managers and salespeople. With our 8 years in the business we have grown to one of the largest and most well known Street Art Agencies in Europe and our ever expanding network includes companies, artists, promoters, councils and event organizers all around Europe.


Add More Colors was founded in Sweden 2008, at that time graffiti was illegal and not even considered art in the eyes of most people. However even though the artform was fairly new in Sweden, there was plenty
of talent who at that time were hindered from making a living on their craft. Since every painting was illegal, it wasn’t possible for an artist to put up a website with their contact information to offer their service as it could be connected with their street art and result in prosecution. The alternative of not painting anything outdoors can be compared with a football player who isn’t allowed to practice. We wanted to change this and give the talented artist a possibility to make a living on their art.


Add More Colors was founded and acted as a anonymous service where we acquired customers and allowed the artist to work through us without revealing their identity.

This setup was in operation over 4 years until we decided it was better to move out in Europe where street art was legal and open door for our Swedish talents abroad. We moved down to Malta. Malta doesn’t even have a train and the vandalism aspect of the artform therefore wasn’t a factor, our artworks and artists was received with open arms and we quickly became a well known name on the island. After 2 years in Malta we created our own festival “Malta Street art Festival” that we organized for 3 years before we went over to supporting and participating in other festivals and focusing solely on the art.