Daring Graffiti Artists Tag Mexico’s 131 Meter High Metlac Bridge

Don’t mess around when it comes to graffiti! These brave Mexican artists do not fear the heights of Metlac Bridge in Veracruz. The highest railroad bridge in North America with it’s 131 meter. These guys went so far, they even risked their lives to get their work seen from the other bridge Read more

Support your local artists on International Artists Day today

On The International Artist Day we honour all artists that add beauty to the world around us. Today is the day to show appreciation and support your local artists. We believe that art is important to free expression of a humans mind and senses. Also remember that it’s not a hobby, it’s work for many artists. Support them!

Steve Locatelli colored The Hub Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden

The newly renovated Business Hotel “The Hub” in Stockholm (Kista) got in touch with us and wanted to put some colors on their facade. We thought that Steve Locatelli from Belgium was a perfect match for the job and sent him over to Sweden for some days. Here’s the stunning result:

The very first Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler Project in Malta 2016

Red Bull, together with Add More Colors are hosting Maltas very first Red Bull Curates: The Canvas Cooler Project this year. For one month artists all over the island got to send their application and get a chance of becoming one of the finalists. In total there were 28 artists participating but we could unfortunately only pick 6 artists to paint one a Red Bull cooler. The coolers will be exhibited on Wednesday and a winner will be picked to join us at Add More Colors in Sweden to paint on “Karlskronas Skärgårdsfestival” later on this summer.

So far we say congratulations to SeaPuppy, Malcolm Alden, Glenn Ellul, Lara Manara, Cheryl Bilocca Art and Francesco Morena who were all selected as finalists. More updates and images of the coolers will come soon… Read more

The environmental artist Tony Plant creates giant sand artworks

The artist Tony Plant transforms beautiful beaches into sand drawings. His pieces are temporary since the drawings will fast get washed away by the water. Sometimes it’s more about capturing a good footage than keeping an artwork on a wall. There’s just something special with alternative canvases Read more