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Sliema Street art Festival 2013

In June 2013, Add More Colors organized the cities first Street art Festival

Featuring artists: David Walker, Flow TWE, Steve Locatalli, Smates, Mr Dheo, Sofles, Tank, Shaka, Brohemia, Kayo Natez Etc

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In the end of June 2013, Add More Colors in colaboration with Coloured festivals and Sliema Local Council organized Sliemas very first Street Art Festival of its caliber and size in Malta. The 3km Sliema Promenade transformed into a melting pot of art, dance and music with artists, locals and visitors enjoying the weekend side by side.
Attracting a wide range of local & international artists, artworks included traditional graffiti artwork, sculptures, stencil graffiti, sticker art guerrilla art, and street installation.

This event was a show of creativity and free expression.

Main Festival Features:
• A beautiful 3km Promenade in one of the hottest summer destinations in Europe
• A range of world class street artists from around Europe
• Over 200 m2 of walls
• Creative installations to decorate with artworks
• Over 100 Easels for artists to exhibit canvas paintings
• Permission to decorate any object on the promenade
• Artwork remained on display for the remaining of the summer
• Live Painting and collaboration area
• Live music , Food, Dance & Entertainment

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