At the forefront of urban art

We are an agency that promotes, markets, and sells street art & graffiti on an international level. We work with some of the most passionate and dedicated painters from all over the globe, on some of the biggest urban art projects throughout Europe.

Our Work


Wall paintings

The foundation of street art & graffiti. Big impressive murals, indoors or outdoors, there is no environment or surface we haven’t worked with.


We construct our own setups and installations at events and festivals, and we’re always looking for innovative projects. The bigger, the better!

Pavement art

One of the fastest growing mediums in the scene, this interactive form of street art produces deep 3D illusions and is sure to impress.


Brand DNA

The ever expanding form of street art & graffiti is at the core of everything we do. We hand-pick our artists, matching styles and skill sets with jobs, and we believe we're in a unique position to bring accessibility and improve the perception of this modern art form.

Live Painting

We help bring festivals, events and launch parties to life.

Print & Canvases

Original and limited edition art pieces, canvases and prints for sale from our best artists.


We offer a range of clothing and graffiti scene related products & gift ideas.

Art Workshop

Gather your team or company for an art workshop.


We transform offices & work environments, boardrooms, hotels, gyms, and personal spaces.


We can paint your facade or vehicle for exhibition or promotion.

Green leaf foundation

Help us change and improve lives with Street Art

We Are donating 10% of all our jobs towards a charity project called Green Leaf Foundation. They are the charitable arm of Green Leaf Boutique Hotel, situated in Siem Reap, Cambodia. They are the first non-profit hotel in the world with all funds & resources going towards their foundation. Add more Colors will together with Green Leaf Foundation support a school and orphanage, insuring and documenting the effect and impact of Your support.

Help us to spread art, smiles and hope together with Green Leaf Foundation! Read more about the project…

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How it works

Step 1: Request a free quote

Enter all the necessary information in the form and receive a free quote.

Step 2: Match with an artist

We find the most suitable artist for the job based on your input and budget, once the artist is determined we´ll start working on your sketches.

Step 3: Order painting

Once the sketch is done and approved, its time to add more colors!


How much does it cost?
The price varies depending on what artist you pick, how large the artwork should be and the amount of details put into the work. If you provide us with all the information in the form. we´ll be able to give you an accurate price.

Where are you based?
We are based in Malta, Spain and Sweden with projects and artists all over Europe.

When can I expect to have it done?
Our local artists can get started straight away. For our international artists we’re booking trips on request and usually group together a couple of jobs in order to divide travel costs and offer a low price. For large scale jobs we fly over dedicated international artists on your request.


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Who are Add More Colors?

Vi är en agentur som marknadsför och säljer gatukonst och graffiti i alla olika slags former på en internationell nivå. Vi samarbetar med några av de bästa konstnärerna i världen, på stora projekt över hela.

Här nedan delar vi med oss av ögongodis från våra tidigare festivaler, events och projekt.



Hur kan vi hjälpa dig?

Gatukonst och graffiti är kärnan i allt vi gör. Med våra handplockade konstnärer har vi ett så pass brett utbud med konststilar att vi kan uppfylla (nästan) alla önskemål.

Vi målar fasader och fordon för utställning eller marknadsföring.

Vi livar upp festivaler, fester och andra slags event.

Prints & Canvas
Begränsade orginalutgåvor av konst, canvas och prints till salu från våra bästa konstnärer.

Samla sitt team eller företag för en konstnärlig workshop.

Vi erbjuder en mängd kläder och graffitirelaterade produkter och presentidéer.

Låter det intressant?

Hör av dig på contact @ addmorecolors.com eller genom att fylla i formulären här nedan. En offert får du helt kostnadsfritt!

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